Eight Outside Children Play Dates



See the world through a child’s eyes for a day! Take to the beach and rent a paddleboard. Go to a playground or splash pad to cool off. Cross the Menestung Bridge and hike to Dunlop’s Tomb. Reward yourself with some ice cream and then walk down the boardwalk to the Cove to admire the butterflies at Butterfly Park. Is there a budding junior golf champ in the family? Hit the mini-golf links!

Rotary Cove Beach

Butterfly Park

The Maitland Trail

Splash Pad

Mini Golf

Goderich Playground

Cravings Ice Cream

360 Bikes 'n Boards

#1 go to the beach
#2 go see butterflies at the butterfly park
#3 go for a hike
#4 go to the splash pad
#5 play mini golf
#6 go to a playground
#7 get Ice cream
#8 rent bikes or paddle boards