Eight Ways to Spend a Saturday



Rise early on Saturday and visit the booths at the Farmer’s Market at the Courthouse Square. There you can fill your basket for a picnic later or for snacks at the beach. Forget to pack your adventure gear? Rent a paddleboard at the beach or a bike for touring. Take a break from the hot sun and duck into the galleries and shops around the Square. Get your lake style on! Learn more about the history of the area at the Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol. You can even hike to the tomb of Goderich’s founder, Tiger Dunlop.

Huron County Museum

Huron Historic Goal

Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail

Lions Harbour Park

Goderich Beaches

The Square

360 Bikes 'n Boards

Goderich BIA Farmers' Market

#1 Go to the museum
#2 go to the goal
#3 hike the tiger dunlop trail
#4 have a picnic in lions harbour park
#5 Day at the beach
#6 shop downtown
#7 rent paddle boards from 360 bikes 'n boards
#8 go to the farmer's market