Explore These Great Eight Trails



Get your steps in while hiking in town along the beach’s boardwalk, a favourite of locals in the morning and evening. Home to the largest salt dome in North America, Goderich’s Salt Loop will give you an up close view of visiting freighters at the harbour. Take to the woods literally and smell the pines at Naftels Creek, the Maitland Trail, and the Maitland Woods. Visit the grave of Tiger Dunlop, the founder of Goderich and the Huron Tract. The Maitland Cemetery offers a peaceful walk. With a short drive, you can be hiking at Point Farms Provincial Park.

Maitland Woods

Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail

The Salt Loop

Naftel's Creek Conservation Area

The Boardwalk

The Maitland Trail

Maitland Cemetery

Point Farms Provincial Park