Walk Eight History Lines Streets



There is no equal to a Lake Huron sunset and Goderich boasts the best! From a perch above the bluffs, you can watch the sun set twice. Make your way to the top of Cove Beach’s stairs or the Lighthouse or the iconic bench on Cobourg Street—a local favourite. Or stay in your beach chair and take in the painted skies from the Cove or Main Beach, or from after your dinner at The Beach Street Station. Feeling lofty? Stand on the Menestung Bridge for a panoramic view!

St George's Anglican Church

St. Peter's Catholic Church

Tiger Dunlop's Tomb

The Bedford Hotel

Beach Street Station

Superior Court of Justice

Fauxpop Station

Goderich Harbour Lookout

Park House Bar & Restaurant

#1 Admire the centuries old stained glass windows at St. George’s Anglican Church and St. Peter’s Catholic Church
#2 Get off the beaten path and climb to visit Dr. William “Tiger” Dunlop’s grave
#3 Stop into the Bedford Hotel on the Square
#4 Dine at Beach Street Station, an original CPR station
#5 The centre of the Goderich’s Square, the Courthouse stands as the seat for Huron County
#6 See where Goderich and Huron County’s WW! 161st Battalion left by train to left to go overseas
#7 Walk Goderich’s bluff lined historic homes overlooking the Harbour
#8 Grab local fish and chips at the historic Park House, built in 1837